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Paris In The Rain

From Midnight In Paris (2011)

"When asked about Daryl’s relationship with Beth in season four, Reedus said that he’s not sure that Daryl even realized how he felt about her. He said that there could have been something there, but she was taken away from Daryl just like everyone else he’s cared about."
- (x)

Working on a very quick Kieren Walker portrait right now. I finished this show about two or three days ago and kinda became obsessed about it.
bbcthree bbcamerica guys, it definitely deserves another season.

Working on a very quick Kieren Walker portrait right now.
I finished this show about two or three days ago and kinda became obsessed about it.

bbcthree bbcamerica guys, it definitely deserves another season.

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Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything I can to give it to you.”

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Why don’t you break free? Why don’t you show yourselves? Because when you do, when you finally do, I promise… you’re not going to want to go back. Because you’re going to be beautiful. You’re going to be flawless. You’re going to be the future.

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Natalie Dormer at the Game of Thrones Panel (x)

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people joke that star trek and star wars sound really similar and are really similar in subject matter but imo the difference between a trek and a war is immense and very important

And very interesting

Why did you stop looking for Benjen? (x)

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Direwolves or Dragons? (x)

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#SaveInTheFlesh Social Media Sunday

Hello people!

#SaveInTheFlesh Social Media Sundays are going to be the last Sunday of every month. 

This means Sunday 27th July is the next one.

A lot of you know all about and taken part in this before (thanks so much!), but as anyone taking a casual glance at the tag has noticed, this fandom is growing rapidly, so we’ll explain what this is again.

Basically, we started this campaign in mid-June - this is the original post - to demonstrate how much love for the show is out there and make sure the BBC knows it. The response from the fandom was amazing - we, got amazing support from the Sherlockians and sherlockology, and check out these stats. The show’s creative team certainly noticed the fans’ efforts and the noise we all created brought new fans to the show.

We want to make this an ongoing campaign - we’re going for once a month so that we all have time to create things for each event.

It would be really great if lots of new fans (especially everyone coming in from Teen Wolf) could take part this time!

This is how you get involved:

#SaveInTheFlesh - Sunday 27th July - 10pm UK time


  • We all create a post - this isn’t about likes and reblogs, this is a show of numbers. It could be a bit of fan art you’ve made, your favourite quote, a picture of your favourite character, or even just one of the images above
  • Here are screencaps (series 1 - here is series 2) for images and here are the scripts for quotes. Or you can use this free to use fan art from ruvillie and these free to use gifs.
  • In the caption, say how much you like the show and that you want another series
  • Include mentions of BBC Three and BBC America - do this by typing “@ bbcthree” and “@ bbcamerica” in your post without the space. When it has worked, the @ will disappear and the text will become a link. The BBC’s tumblr accounts will then get a notification when you publish the post so they’ll see you love the show
  • Tag it saveintheflesh
  • Schedule it for 10pm UK time on Sunday 27th July



  • Tweet #saveintheflesh at BBC Three and BBC America
  • After creating your own tweet, retweet a few others from the tag a few minutes later
  • Get conversations going with your fellow fans - tweet questions and answer other people’s using the hashtag. This will help get the numbers up and ensure the topic stays busy. 

This particular campaign method is all about timing - by suddenly all talking about the show, we send a strong, united message of support to the BBC, and show the talented cast and crew that we love them and we’re behind them all the way.

Remember: Sunday 27th July 10pm UK time

Spread the word!